Main Conference Agenda

Detailed conference agenda

Detailed conference agenda is available here (in HTML, for on-line viewing) and here (in PDF, for printing). The general schedule of events can be found here.

Keynote speakers

  • David Giaretta (bio) – “Data – unbound by time or discipline – challenges and new skills needed” (see abstract)
  • Joseph Cancellaro (bio) – “Digital Audio Asset Archival and Retrieval: A Users Perspective” (see abstract)
  • Costis Dallas (bio) – “The post-repository era: scholarly practice, information and systems in the digital continuum” (see abstract)

Discussion panel

  • Open Access to Research Data: is it a Solution or a Problem? – Chair: Vittore Casarosa (CNR – ISTI, Italy) (see abstract)

List of accepted submissions

Full Papers
  1. Joeran Beel and Stefan Langer. A Comparison of Offline Evaluations, Online Evaluations, and User Studies in the Context of Research-Paper Recommender Systems
  2. Joffrey Decourselle, Fabien Duchateau and Nicolas Lumineau. A Survey of FRBRization Techniques: Classification, Enhanced Steps and Challenges
  3. Sawood Alam, Michael Nelson, Herbert Van de Sompel and David Rosenthal. Archive Profiling Through CDX Summarization
  4. Dagmar Kern and Brigitte Mathiak. Are there any Differences in Data Set Retrieval compared to well-known Literature Retrieval?
  5. Yasmin Alnoamany, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson. Characteristics of Social Media Stories
  6. Yan Ru Guo and Dion Hoe-Lian Goh. Connecting Emotionally: Effectiveness and Acceptance of an Affective Information Literacy Tutorial
  7. Arben Hajra, Vladimir Radevski and Klaus Tochtermann. Author Profile Enrichment for Cross-linking Digital Libraries
  8. Yasmin Alnoamany, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle. Detecting Off-Topic Pages in Web Archives
  9. Sally Jo Cunningham, David Nichols, Annika Hinze and Judy Bowen. Digital news resources: An autoethnographic study of news encounters
  10. Myriam Traub, Jacco van Ossenbruggen and Lynda Hardman. Impact Analysis of OCR Quality on Research Tasks in Digital Archives
  11. Ya-Ning Chen, Hui-Hsin Yeh and Po-Jui Lai. Influence and Interrelationships among Chinese Library and Information Science Journals in Taiwan
  12. Katerina Gkirtzou, Kostis Karozos, Vassilis Vassalos and Theodore Dalamagas. Keywords-To-SPARQL translation for RDF data search and exploration
  13. Dimitris Gavrilis, Dimitra-Nefeli Makri, Leonidas Papachristopoulos, Stavros Angelis, Konstantinos Kravvaritis, Christos Papatheodorou and Panos Constantopoulos. Measuring Quality in Metadata Repositories
  14. Matthias Geel and Moira Norrie. Memsy: Keeping Track of Personal Digital Resources across Devices and Services !BEST PAPER AWARD!
  15. Thiago Silva, Ana Paula Couto Da Silva and Mirella M. Moro. tc-index: a New Research Productivity index based on Evolving Communities
  16. Mohamed Aturban, Michael L. Nelson and Michele C. Weigle. Quantifying Orphaned Annotations in
  17. Christophe Debruyne, Oya Deniz Beyan, Rebecca Grant, Sandra Collins and Stefan Decker. On a Linked Data Platform for Irish Historical Vital Records
  18. Pablo Figueira, Gabriel Pacheco, Jussara Almeida and Marcos Gonçalves. On the Impact of Academic Factors on Scholar Popularity: A Cross-Area Study
  19. Victor de Boer, Roeland Ordelman and Josefien Schuurman. Practice-oriented Evaluation of Unsupervised Labeling of Audiovisual Content in an Archive Production Environment
  20. Nadine Dulisch, Andreas Oskar Kempf and Philipp Schaer. Query Expansion for Survey Question Retrieval in the Social Sciences
  21. Daan Odijk, Cristina Gârbacea, Thomas Schoegje, Laura Hollink, Victor de Boer, Kees Ribbens and Jacco van Ossenbruggen. Supporting Exploration of Historical Perspectives across Collections
  22. Dana Mckay, George Buchanan and Shanton Chang. Tyranny of Distance: Understanding Academic Library Browsing by Refining the Neighbour Effect
Posters and Demos
  1. Adam Sofronijevic, Aleksandar Jerkov and Dejana Kavaja Stanisic. A proposition for autonomous scientific publishing agent
  2. Daniel Backhausen, Claus-Peter Klas and Matthias Hemmje. Adaptive information retrieval support for multi-session work tasks
  3. Tomas Foltyn. Czech Digital Library – the way to aggregation and interoperability of digital libraries
  4. Brandon Thomas, Joanna Stewart, David Bainbridge, David Nichols, Bill Rogers and Geoff Holmes. Digital Libraries Unfurled: Supporting the New Zealand Flag Debate
  5. Jose Antonio Olvera, Paulo Nicolás Carrillo and Josep Lluis De La Rosa. Evaluating Auction Mechanisms for the Preservation of Cost-Aware Digital Objects under Constrained Digital Preservation Budgets
  6. Clare Llewellyn, Claire Grover, Beatrice Alex, Jon Oberlander and Richard Tobin. Extracting a Topic Specific Dataset from a Twitter Archive !BEST POSTER/DEMO AWARD!
  7. Ilias Kanellos, Vasiliki Vlachokyriakou, Thanasis Vergoulis, Georgios Georgakillas, Yannis Vasileiou, Artemis Hatzigeorgiou and Theodore Dalamagas. MirPub v2: Towards ranking and refining miRNA publication search results
  8. Annika Hinze, Haley Littlewood and David Bainbridge. Mobile annotation of geo-locations in digital books
  9. Ryan Shaw. Segmenting Oral History Transcripts
  10. Ya-Ning Chen. State-of-the-art Open Access Textbooks and Their Implications in Information Provision
  11. Wesley Fernandes and Beatriz Cendón. Study about Capes Portal of E-Journals non-users
  12. Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio. Teaching Machine Learning: A Geometric View of Naïve Bayes
  13. Thilo Boehm, Claus-Peter Klas and Matthias Hemmje. Towards a Probabilistic Model for Supporting Collaborative Access to Digitial Libraries
  14. Gustavo Candela, Pilar Escobar, Manuel Marco-Such and Rafael Carrasco. Transformation of a library catalogue into RDA linked open data
Systems and Products Special Track
  1. Michał Kozak and Ewa Kowalczuk. Computational Services for Digital Libraries in Poland
  2. Walter Koch. DISMARC DAP – Documentation and Annotation Platform
  3. Christina Anastasopoulou, Dimitrios Spanos and Dimitrios Kouis. Integrated Environment for the creation and publishing of e-textbooks
  4. Dariusz Paradowski. Providing Access to Copyrighted Library Objects From Remote Location
  5. Márton Németh and Artur Povodör. Qulto Digital Document Delivery Platform
  6. Dana Mckay, George Buchanan and Justin Kelly. Somebody’s Watching Me: Long Term Monitoring of User Search Behaviour for User Experience